Continuing Education Units for Members

As an effort to increase our services for members, we are recording and making available our monthly CEU classes. CEU’s are approved by the Utah-Chapter of NASW. Members simply need to watch a video, answer a few questions to ensure they watched the whole video and CEU’s will be provided. All from the comfort of your own desk. What could be easier?

Simply sign into your LGBTQ Guild Member account on Wild Apricot and click on Free CEU Videos. The “Free CEU Videos” menu item will appear after you login (not available to the public).

The first drop down in the menu has instructions on how to get your free CEU credits after watching the video. Below that is a list of videos available.

We hope you enjoy this additional benefit of being a member of the Guild. Please let us know of any other ideas you may have for improving the Guild.


2012-2013 Season

Bisexuality Panel

Building Bridges: Continuing The Dialogue

2013-2014 Season

DOMA and other Supreme Court Decisions

BDSM 101

Update on Current Issues for Transgender Individuals

Special Issues For LGBTQ Individuals Who Are Deaf Or Hearing Impaired

Compassion Fatigue


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