List of Officiants who will perform Same Sex Weddings in Utah

Here is a partial list of officiants who are ordained in Utah and happy to provide marriage services for same sex individuals.
Buie, Jerry  801-557-9203
Carver, Kamrin
Rev. Christopher    801-577-0542
Duffy-Boose, Maureen
Edmonds-Allen, Marian  801-452-3674
Rev. Anita Gordon 801-205-6112
Rev. Heron  801-330-6666
Lee, Eun-Sang  United Methodist Church
Montoya, Vintah  New Moon Healing Arts  801-541-8230
Nichols, David  Mt Tabor Lutheran Church
Pederson, Kim
Price, Curtis     First Baptist Church SLC
Struve, Jim  801-953-4928
Trujillo, Robb   Glory to God Catholic Church
Williams, Seanna  801-319-1520

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